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Observer Comments

09:26 Sun Apr 22, 2018

An Earth Day Poem


Our planet is full of so many delights

It’s a world that’s unlike any other.

For observers, it’s great fun to ride to the heights,

To experience all kinds of weather!


Up here, we’re our own brand of crazy,

to cheer when the winds gust with might

If our record speeds start to look hazy,

we’re crowding the Hay’s Chart all night!


There are snow drifts in April that tower

and rime ice that feathers the ground

You’d best not rule out a stray snow-shower;

the Rockpile gets them all year round!


And what of the views! When the skies are in sight,

there are so many stars you can spy

The Atlantic can shine with orange morning light

 Auroras may dance from on high


 Mount Washington’s truly a jaw-dropping place

There’s nowhere quite like it but here

Lovers of weather and wonder, rejoice!

 For Earth Day, we let out a cheer!


It isn’t just weather this planet provides

What about the Earth brings you to smile?

The fields of bright flowers, the birds in the skies,

or the thunder of waves in the isle?


Maybe the nighttime delights are your thing,

or the gemstones that sparkle and shine,

the plants that we grow and the food that they bring,

or the people with whom you share time.


Whatever you love, wherever you roam,

treat with care all the joys that abound.

We all share Earth’s wonder; we all call it home.

And there’s only one like it around!



Happy Earth Day!

Sarah Schulte, Summit Intern


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