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08:42 Tue Jul 16, 2019

'Twas the Night Before Shift Change

T’was the night before shift change, when all through the MWobs,

Not a creature was stirring, except Ryan taking the obs*.

The weather room was clean through Tom’s survey and care,

In anticipation that the next shift would soon be there.


The interns were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of data swirled in their heads.

Nikki, Tom, and AJ changed into PJs early that night

While our two volunteers turned off the last light.


When on the bedside there came a beep beep,

As everyone awoke from their deep sleep.

The morning had come, the sun risen while they slept.

Ryan would need some sleep and into bed he leapt.

The sun’s glares were blocked by a milky white cloud

As the weather room and den** started to crowd.

“This is 2-0,” John repeated as he did hut call

And I rush through the walk around, running into a wall.

Anna went through her presentation, making last minute changes.

But it all stopped with radio static and verbal exchanges.


Becca’s voice broke through, telling them “We’re headed up.”

The interns raced to their rooms for a last minute cleanup.

Twenty minutes go by and they’re past cow pasture,

The vans drive to the doors, giant in stature.


When what to my wondering eyes did appear,

But the next shift all ready, covered in gear.

Groceries, baggage, and trash, oh my!


Our downgoing gear was all piled high.

Shifting meeting in 10, greetings had ended,

The pantry was crowded as restocking was over-attended.

First came a brief forecast as we packed in like sardines,

Then came the shift change agenda, a well oiled machine.


Another 10 minutes and the screens are changed,

The interns present, data now neatly arranged.

Mentors comment and new ideas are formed,

Soon, “We’ll be heading out in 30,” we are informed.

Ryan is awoken and readies himself to leave,

We jump in the car and can hardly believe

That the shift week had ended and we’re leaving the cloud

To go back to our homes away from the foggy shroud.


* The obs is the hourly observations that our observers make

** The den is where the interns all work

Emma Penafiel, Summit Intern


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