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08:26 Thu Sep 03, 2020

Oboz on The Go

I think it is safe to say that many people have experienced a change in their 2020 habits and plans. I feel like my day to day schedule can vary so wildly that even my best laid out plans change quickly and unexpectedly. As spring came into focus the beginning of April, I was excited to pack away my Oboz insulated Bridger boots for something lighter and more breathable. I had every intention to spend quite a bit of time exploring the local trails around me as quarantine was still in its infancy. Because of this I decided to lace up with a pair Oboz Aretes. I choose both a low waterproof and mid non-waterproof, as I wanted variety in my day to day. Little did I know this choice was about to knock itself out of the park when it came to versatility.

Amidst my time living in the Mount Washington Valley and working on the summit of Mount Washington I have been running around quite a bit over the past few months and on a fairly tight schedule. I have struggled to adjust to the new pace of life and still find time for myself outside. Often times when I do get out it isn't expected, but having a shoe that crosses over all aspects of my life helps. The Aretes offer a durable, comfortable, and stable shoe that doesn’t look bad either. I can put them on in the morning and take on whatever outdoor wandering or relaxing I got into without needing to change.

Because of our partnership between the Mount Washington Observatory and Oboz, our staff including, myself are fortunate to be prepared for whatever is thrown our way at work. It’s a bonus to have the same comfort and durability follow us into our personal lives too.

An evening back yard dinner off the summit.

Rebecca Scholand, Summit Operations Manager


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