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08:39 Thu Apr 08, 2021

How Will You Seek Your Peak During Seek the Peak?

Seek the Peak is ramping up and the event, this year and in the future, will be much more of a Mount Washington Adventure Expo featuring many human-powered sports. Seek the Peak, is the Mount Washington Observatory’s largest and grandest annual fundraising event and has, in the past 20 years, been about getting out and hiking in support of the Observatory. It is through this important event and member support that critical funds are raised to enable the non-profit Mount Washington Observatory to provide a range of forecasts that adventure seekers in the region use to make informed decisions on any kind of recreation in the White Mountains. We are keen on enhancing the experience that is Seek the Peak and want to bring everyone who shares this passion together in support of the White Mountains and the Mount Washington Observatory. This year's event will showcase what Mount Washington Valley has to offer, and will provide resources to encourage safe and responsible use of our natural resources. Supporters of the event reach far and wide, from our member and volunteer base, to many partners such as the Mt. Washington Auto Road, the Mt. Washington State Park, the Cog Railway, Oboz Footwear, Eastern Mountain Sports, and many more recreational organizations, nonprofits and businesses that make up the Mount Washington Valley, at the core of these organizations, is a passion for our community and the outdoors.

The Mission of Seek Your Peak is to cultivate and sustain connection to and stewardship of the nonprofit Mount Washington Observatory and White Mountains Region. These goals will be achieved by utilizing our natural spaces in a responsible manner in order to create a wide-range of adventures on our trails, cliffs, and waterways. By leveraging our community’s passion for discovery and exploration we will simultaneously build capacity in support of the critical mission of the observatory. Whether you are a new explorer or a seasoned trailblazer we want you to join us in the outdoors in our amazing playground encapsulated in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. To support this initiative, my coworker Charlie and I are working with others to develop a well-rounded archive of destinations, guide services, vendors and gear shops; a guide book of sorts on how to plan your adventure. In the guide book you will find a range of activities and destinations from hiking and climbing to paddling and biking. Fancy some fishing? Then check out the guide for some fishing spots and where to get the gear and what permits may be required. The guide will be full of some of the Observatory’s staff’s favorite destinations as well! All really exciting stuff and we hope you all think so as well. One of Seek the Peak’s volunteers and fundraisers from last year, Christina, sure seems to think so.

Christina Cozzens, volunteer and fund raiser, enjoying her hike during Seek the Peak in 2019.
Seek Your Peak – Mount Washington's Adventure Expo will set up base camp at the Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center in Gorham where participants and others can come and hear from the experts, learn all about available guide services, and see the latest and greatest gear from Eastern Mountain Sports, Oboz Footwear, and many others, all in support of the White Mountains and the Mount Washington Observatory. I hope to see you there! Be sure to register for the Adventure Expo and find the latest information on Seek Your Peak, follow here at Until July, enjoy the warming conditions and if you are heading out before the event, always check the weather prior to starting your adventure at

Jay Broccolo, Weather Observer/Meteorologist


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