In a year when we’ve felt like we’re climbing the highest mountain, we hope you are “enduring this climb” in good health, in strong spirits and with sights on beautiful days ahead.
Mount Washington Observatory (MWO) is no stranger to extremes but what has transpired in 2020 is certainly unprecedented.

It is thanks to you and others who care that our important work was possible this year. We have weathered the year’s extremes of closed facilities, diminished revenues and a reduced staff working from home. We have focused on what really matters the most – our mission, and thanks to your ongoing support, we have been able to adapt to the changes.
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The Observatory saw that educators were being challenged to teach weather and climate science in a virtual setting. In response, MWO rolled out a virtual “Home of the World’s Worst Weather” series, and it continues today, touching thousands of viewers. Moving forward, we expect to continue virtual offerings, even after we are able to resume live programs, as they help us reach out to the many supporters we have around the world. 

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 MWObs Summit Team…(Top l-r)Ryan Knapp, Jay Broccolo, Nate Iannuccillo, (Middle) Rebecca Scholand, (Bottom l-r) Sam Robinson, Nicole Tallman, David DeCou.

Additionally, even during these trying times, our staff’s unwavering dedication to consistent and continual weather observation meant that, without pause, our hourly observations and nearly 90 years of data-gathering remained in place.

Our dedicated team ensured that the essential information relied upon by many scientific and research entities, and by supporters like you, was there and will keep being provided, regardless of the challenges. (After all, we are used to extremes!) These data have proven to be highly valuable in charting the changes in our world, in keeping people safe, in showing us how quickly the climate in which we live is warming. That, in turn, affects every aspect of our lives.

We hope that you also take pride in knowing that your gifts will fuel science, inspire education and help our community weather every storm. Please make your gift today. Every dollar you give is used to further the mission of MWO, and more importantly, to sustain our critical work.

None of this will be possible without your critical investment and support.

Thank you, on behalf of every student, every hiker, every research team – and on behalf of the thousands of people who count on MWO every day.

Thank you for being there for the Observatory, so we can be here for you.


Gary MacDonald
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

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Alexa ask Mount Washington What is the Weather?

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