North Conway, NH—August 27, 2016 - The Weather Discovery Center (WDC) located at 2779 White Mountain Highway, North Conway is pleased to announce a new exhibit, Unleashing the Power of the Sun. Similar to other exhibits, this is an interactive exhibit which encourages visitors to shine the sun onto the solar collector located on the roof of a model of the Observatory building. By changing the time of day, cloud cover and season, the user will be able to view the varying amount of electricity developed on an LED display. The exhibit also includes interpretive graphics which explain how a photovoltaic panel converts the sun’s energy into electricity.

“As a scientific institution we are thrilled to be able to incorporate this important exhibit,” said Ed Bergeron Interim President. “We have so many students and weather enthusiasts come through the museum and hopefully this will give them some helpful insight into a significant alternative energy source.” 

This exhibit replicates the photovoltaic solar system installed on the roof of the Observatory in 2014. The 28 KW system produces one third to half of the electricity needed by the Observatories lighting, computers and equipment daily depending on the need, time of year and available sunlight. Not only does the PV system help reduce the Observatory’s electric bill but it also reduces the carbon footprint and the load on the electric grid helping to reduce the need for fossil fuel power plants. 

This exhibit was made possible by generous contributions from the Jane B. Cook Trust and the Kendall and Laura Ham Foundation.

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Mount Washington Observatory is a private, nonprofit, member-supported institution with a mission to advance understanding of the natural systems that create the Earth's weather and climate. Since 1932, the Observatory has been monitoring the elements from its weather station on the summit of Mount Washington, using this unique site for scientific research and educational outreach. For more information, call (800) 706-0432 or visit



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