Observation Deck Camera

The observation deck weather camera is located within the Mount Washington Observatory tower. It runs 24/7. During darker hours, an orange glow can be seen in the image, which is a reflection of the heater used to keep the window from freezing up.

Mount Washington Observatory is a member-supported nonprofit institution. Any donation makes you a member, providing vital support for our mountaintop weather station, essential climate data, and forecasts. Please support MWOBS to help keep our cameras operational.

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Support Mount Washington Observatory

Support Mount Washington Observatory

Studying our weather remains vital to understanding Earth’s climate, locally and globally. As our world evolves, your support makes our work possible.

Observatory Supports Frontier Science on Mount Everest

Observatory Supports Frontier Science on Mount Everest

Two new instruments designed by the Observatory are helping scientists understand loss of snow and ice in the Himalayas, which provide drinking water to over a billion people downstream.

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Science in the Mountains

Science in the Mountains

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